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be connected to your clients|promote your business|generate new leads and prospects|secure your data via strong encryption methods|manage document templates in multiple languages|make more profit

You found the right partner to grow your business, using Cloud services and your legacy CRM or ERP

Transforming Failure into Success: The Power of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing will revolutionize your approach to reaching customers. By utilizing social media, SEO, and email campaigns, you will be able to target specific demographics and increase conversions.

Investing in digital marketing techniques will allow you to track ROI and make data-driven decisions. As a result, you will saw a significant increase in your online presence and revenue growth.

Boosting Your Business Growth

Digital marketing offers cost-effective, targeted and measurable advertising, increased customer engagement and conversion rates, and the ability to track and analyze data for continuous improvement.

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… supports your digital marketing, affiliate marketing and sales task force, allows you to maximize results of target ads in all social media platforms.

Simply design your marketing strategy and plan using email, print and packaging, SMS, WhatsApp, and social media channels. Track the recipients´ journey and interactions thanks to landing and registration pages. Automate your follow-ups, responses, and client-contacting processes. Benefit from our print and personalized packaging, marketing, and call center services.
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Choose us for this reasonGrowing a business is complicated. Generating leads and prospects, managing sales cycles and sales teams, informing customers, and identifying cross selling opportunities are all essential to growth.

You need an affordable software platform to organize your teams, plan your campaigns, manage your data safely and securely, optimize your marketing, and finally, lead your company or organization to a win.

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Your objectives are our mission
 For more than 15 years, we have developed our processes, industry, and customizable software solutions, helping our clients do things right and go "from good to great".

Join the Semeion community and share your experience with other users in many different sectors e.g., public sector, automotive, finance, health and pharmaceutical, industry, hospitality.

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Win with us and our servicesRegister, contact us, and start using a powerful solution that will allow your company or organization to develop while increasing your margins.

Investing in expensive software and hardware solutions is a thing of the past. As Cloud services are becoming more and more secure and efficient every day, you will be able to set up an outstanding infrastructure and operational environment in just a few clicks.

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Your main benefits …

You will communicate more efficiently and accurately by targeting each group of recipients with precise messages via the most economical channel. This assures the optimization of your campaigns´ ROI and impacts.

You will simply convert your prospects and leads into NEW clients by speeding-up and improving follow-ups with contacts, and your internal tasks. Increasing revenues and reducing operational costs are essential to winning in an ever more competitive world.

You will benefit from the 15 years of Meninx´s experience in the Business Transformation business in increasing your sales, reducing your costs and saving money.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Microsoft® Azure based, you pay for the services as you use them ("Pay-As-You-Go" price model). No extra costs: no initial fee, just a volume-based fee.

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A huge number of "Pay-As-You-Go" services in the Cloud

No subscription, no initial license fee. Benefit from a variety of powerful services to enable your company to flourish.
Learn more about our Cloud (Oracle´s videos on YouTube)

Data security and confidentiality

Data security and confidentiality are our main concerns. Meninx works with extremely confidential data such as police, tax, or banking data. Our solution allows a strong encryption of data and ensure the GDPR law compliance.

Output channels management

Emails or SMS service providers are simple to find on the Internet. Meninx also offers you printing and packaging services (in Switzerland), WhatsApp, Swiss Post E-Post and call center output channels. Refer to our FullSolution website.

Landing and registration pages

To track and follow the interest of the recipients of your communications, use customized landing and registration pages. Recipients will follow links in emails or SMS and WhatsApp messages, and QR-Codes in paper correspondence.

Plan and task synchronization

Using fix dates or manual or task-related triggers, you can easily plan your multi output channels campaigns, for example in relation to TV and radio spots

Templates management

More than just a template management system, our solution allows you to interact with your document layouts and contents before sending them. This means better communication quality, validation, and optimization.


Contact your customers, prospects, and social media leads in a whole new way, by fully personalizing the content of your communication and sending it via the best channel.

Success criteria

A campaign is not only sending information or requests to various recipients. It´s also a complex preparation process and an efficient way of communicating. Doing things right requires a balance of your actions and the way your recipients feel about your company. This is called Customer eXperience (CX).


Powerful reporting functionalities will provide you with KPIs, conversion rates, stats on recipient reactions, ad viewing numbers, and information on the performance of each campaign. Comparison reports between campaigns will allow you to identify the keys to their success.

Business processes

Automate all your business processes to respond quickly to any new client requests. Actions can be whatever you need them to be, e.g., thank you letter, offer, contract proposal, appointment proposition, birthday post card, membership agreement, etc.


The REST API allows you to connect your ERP (e.g., your core business application or SAP) or CRM (e.g., salesforce, Dynamics CRM) legacy systems to our solutions.

Campaigns designer

A user-friendly, online and WYSIWYG campaigns designer allows you to simply define your campaigns´ layout, process, and contents.

Test environment

Subscribe for your production environment, a free-of-charge test environment. It will allow you to securely test, prepare, and present your live campaigns.

Email and online support

Our online support is available via email or a TeamViewer session. Our support and development teams are delighted to support you with your request.

Address management

Addresses and recipient information can be imported easily and simply. The provided API also allows you to synchronize your addresses with your ERP or CRM. All data is safely encrypted according to state-of-the-art methods and modern technologies. Your data is stored in a safe, and is only accessible by you.

Resources management

All your digital assets are stored extremely securely using our archive solution. Files (e.g., images, texts, signatures, videos, etc.) are encrypted for 100% security and confidentiality.

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Meninx guarantees the confidentiality of your data. You will be contacted via email by one of our sales representatives. Feel free to ask them questions and plan how to transform your business and digitize your communication processes together.

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